Artwork of Kurusu

Kurusu (クルス) is an unreleased Pokémon revealed prior to the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

In the Nintendo Space World 1997 demo of Pocket Monsters 2, Kurusu was available as a starter Pokémon, as Pokédex number 212. Kurusu was a water type Pokémon. It was randomly assigned at level 8 and knew the moves Growl, Water Gun and Tackle. The player also had a chance of receiving Happa or Honōguma. Kurusu appears as a seal Pokémon. Although it resembles the released Pokémon Seel from the first generation, Kurusu was revealed after the release of Pokémon Red and Green.

Totodile replaced it as the water type starter in Pokémon Gold and Silver.

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