Red Blue And Green

Red with Bulbasaur Blue with a Charmander and green the prototype character with a squirtle.

This art of a female character (with Squirtle) was featured on the cover artwork for the official strategy guide for Red and Green, as published by Shogakukan. A similar character appears several times in unofficial artbooks that came packaged with Pokémon origami sets. The artbooks were, however, illustrated by Emiko Yoshino rather than Ken Sugimori. When Red and Green were later remade, players finally got the chance to use a female player character who was possibly based on this character. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, a similar artwork appeared at the end of Volume 3 (right). The design of the character Green seems to have drawn inspiration from this unknown female character. After the release of FireRed And LeafGreen, Green donned the same outfit as the female player character in the fifth chapter of the manga, namely due to their near exact resemblance.

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